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Lateral Epicondylitis, or more commonly known as tennis elbow, is a painful condition that happens from overuse of the tendons and muscles that help to move your wrist. It results in inflammation over the tendon insertion causing pain at the elbow. Even though it’s called tennis elbow, only a small group of people actually get it from playing tennis!

Pain from Tennis Elbow is focused on the outside of the arm just below the elbow. It is where the tendons insert into the bone. It often presents as an ache and the bone on the outside of your elbow can become very painful to touch. Repetitive use of the muscle due to repetitive motion can cause micro tears in the muscle. These little tears then result in inflammation and can make it painful to perform simple tasks with the hand such as lifting and gripping objects. Left untreated tennis elbow can very quickly become a chronic condition.

In the treatment of tennis elbow, it is important to release the muscles without overstretching the area which is inflamed. A combination of dry needling to directly release the muscles and encourage healing in the area, mobilisation and adjusting, and at home advice and exercises to perform usually has a favourable outcome.

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